School Information

School Information

Welcome to Richard de Clare, where, to quote Ofsted

“Everything that happens is geared to be in the best interests of pupils.”

Our school is at the heart of a thriving school community where staff, parents and governors work together to support the school in a huge variety of ways. We hope that our website will provide you with a brief insight into our school community, but if you really want to know about the school, come and see us in action!   

Our children are our greatest asset: “ They love coming to school. There are excellent relationships throughout the school, and pupils and staff like and respect one another. The opportunities that pupils have to support one another contribute very well to their outstanding personal development.

The good curriculum interests and appeals to pupils. There is excellent pastoral care contributing to the school’s very positive ethos. Staff know the pupils very well and make every effort to meet their needs.” (Ofsted)

No wonder we like it here!

As a school community we are very proud of our school and hope it is reflected in this website. We hope you find it useful and we would welcome any comments or suggestions for its improvement.